Blow drying your hair sounds easy enough right? Pick up the blow dryer, dry your hair and be done. But, there are a lot of mistakes than can be made when drying your hair that could damage your hair, cause you to have to spend more time drying than necessary, and that may keep you from getting that sleek, salon finished look that you want. So where does it go wrong? Keep reading to find out and how to avoid these common mistakes.

You’re Drying Your Hair to Soon

A lot of people jump out of the shower, vigorously towel dry their hair, then go straight for the blow dryer. This is a big no-no. You should never apply heat to your hair when it’s soaking wet. It’s more harmful to do it this way because the water amplifies heat and can damage your hair. Also, all the friction from the towel can cause breakage and split ends.

Instead wrap your hair up in a microfiber towel and let that soak up a lot of the moisture first. Not only will it speed up your blow drying, but it will also reduce the exposure to heat and put less strain on your hair.

You’re Using Too Much Heat

A lot of us will use the blow dryer on the highest heat setting because we’re in a hurry and we just need to get it done, but the extreme heat can dry out your hair and cause damage. You may think that your heat protector will save your strands, and while it may be a miracle worker, it’s not 100% protection. It’s better to use a lower heat setting and avoid possible damage.

You’re Using the Wrong Products

Your hair type is just as unique as your skin type. Long, short, thick, curly or fine, make sure the products you use are supporting the needs of your unique hair type.

You’re Not Sectioning

Blind blow drying is never a good strategy, instead you should be dividing your hair into sections. This allows you to dry effectively from the root to the tip, ensuring a more voluminous finish.

You’re Using the Wrong Tools

The Brush you use can make a big difference in your final look. For example, round brushes will add more volume while paddle brushes will give a smoother look.

The Blow Dryer is also important. Make sure your blow dryer has multiple heat settings, like our Alpha Wave Pro and IQ Professional Blow Dryer’s to help you control the drying process. Also, Infrared Blow Dryer’s like our Alpha Wave Pro use safer Far Infrared light to dry the hair from the inside out so it’s faster and safer.

Direction Matters

Since water collects in the roots of your hair you should always start blow drying at the roots and working your way down in the direction of your hair growth. The trick is to keep the air flowing in the same direction as your hair growth. It will help you get rid of the moisture faster while keeping the cuticle smooth.