There’s no getting around this: Styling curly hair can be a challenge. t’s inherently dry, often coarse, and prone to frizz. Not to mention the fact that a large number of us have multiple curl patterns on our very own heads. But here’s the great thing: With the right tricks and products, you can get a halo of soft, healthy curls just the way you want them. Scroll down to discover their best curly-hair tips.


Try “Dusting”

The “dusting” technique keeps my curls healthy between costly hair appointments. Invest in hair shears from your local beauty supply store, style your hair as you typically wear it, and then go through your hair, curl by curl, and simply snip off the tips that look or feel a bit rough. By trimming your hair while it’s dry and in its curly state, you’ll know exactly how it will look—and you won’t have any shrinkage shock after washing your hair.  —Charmaine Daudu, YouTube vlogger


Time Your Washes

I often plan my hair in advance. For example, if I’m going to a party on Saturday, I know that I have to wash my hair no later than Thursday to have my best hair possible. I love my hair when it’s at maximum fullness but still has defined curls. First- and second-day curls are a little too defined, but third day hair is just right. —Amber Lucas, founder of Amused Blog


Do Weekly Scalp Treatments

I use pure Argan Oil and Moroccan Red Clay Powder on my scalp to moisturize my roots. Once a week I mix the two into a paste and massage it into my scalp and hair. I let it sit for about 20 minutes before I rinse it out. It’s like a hot oil treatment, but the clay also helps clarify and exfoliate any dead skin, buildup, or dandruff on my scalp. Christiana Greene, founder and curator of online vintage shop Bum-Cake vintage


Strengthen Strands With Protein

I always make sure to have a conditioning product with protein among my styling products. —Claire Geist, founder of De Lune


Scrunch Away

Scrunching is key! Before you leave the shower, flip your head over and scrunch out excess liquid. Then diffuse lightly with your head flipped over and continue to scrunch! This creates awesome bounce and volume. —Daisha, singer and cofounder of D(n)A Arts


Add Dry Conditioner

Instead of wetting hair, take a small amount of conditioner and apply it to the midlengths and ends of hair to refresh, remoisturize, and revitalize curls. The conditioner acts as lotion does for skin and protects it, leaving curls strong and touchable. —Isabella Vázquez, hairstylist and founder of CurlPopNHair


Deep-Condition Regularly

As a girl with very thick, curly hair that’s always thirsty for moisture, I make sure that I’m doing regular deep-conditioning treatments. I deep-condition once a week, adding a plastic shower cap and sitting for about 30 minutes before I rinse. —Jasmine Winters, photographer and YouTube vlogger


Cocktail Products If You Can’t Find One Do-It-All

I can’t remember the last time I used only one product to achieve shiny, defined curls. —Joyjah Estrada, model and Instagram influencer


Use a Curling Iron for Touch-Ups

Don’t be ashamed to use a curling iron. If you highlight your hair, like I do, the top layer of your hair probably isn’t as curly as the layer’s underneath because of damage from the dye. So, I use a small or tapered barrel iron on dry hair to define some of those pieces give my hair a more uniform look.  —Kate Albrecht, founder of Mr. Kate


Dry Your Hair With Care

The process after washing my hair is vital! When I go to sleep with wet hair, it explodes. When I blow-dry it entirely, it becomes super fluffy. So, I blow-dry only the ends of my hair and a few locks at the front with a round brush. Then I put my hair in a low ponytail and let it air-dry. My curls look polished instead of fluffy or out of control. —Malena Permentier, founder of Fashion Container


Experiment With Techniques

I’ve experimented with ways to do my hair daily and found “wash and go” works for me. It’s basically wetting your hair in the shower, applying shampoo or conditioner, allowing your hair to air-dry, and just going about your day. I do it every day to give my hair shape—and if I don’t, it’ll just be a giant, fluffy mess. That’s it. I don’t use any other products! —Sunita V., blogger and Youtube vlogger


Be Meticulous When Applying Products

I rake and smooth styling products through my hair in small sections to coat every strand and ensure definition. If you quickly apply a product all over, you may miss certain areas and your curls may not be as defined. —Rayna, YouTube vlogger


Blow-Dry Strategically

I blow-dry with a diffuser, and once my hair is relatively—but not totally—dry, I scrunch it up and clip my curls with a few jaw clips. This way, they can dry without the weight of my hair pulling them down. When I’m almost ready to go, I take the clips out, blow-dry it a little longer, and I’m good to go! —Liz Morrow, founder of Delightfully Tacky


Braid Before Bed

I braid my hair at night—it keeps my hair from getting frizzy while I sleep. —Christina Caradona, model and founder of Trop Rouge


Condition First

I condition before I ever put any shampoo in my hair, and keep the shampoo in for as little time as possible. Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Curl Nourish Conditioner is my new fave; it detangles and keep my hair from drying out. —Cynthia Andrew, attorney and founder of Simply Cyn


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