Giving bangs the right amount of curl can be a tricky task. If you over curl bangs, they can become a tight, tiny coil. However, if they aren’t curled effectively, they can fall limp and hang in your eyes. There are several proven methods for giving bangs some shape, each of which you can tailor to accommodate the qualities of your fringe and how much curl you want to give it.


Round Brush

Shape your bangs with a large-barreled round brush and a hairdryer set to medium heat. To smooth the hair without giving it a substantial arch, brush the bangs down as you aim the hairdryer toward them, angled downward. Once the bangs are straight, set the brush aside. Continue aiming the hairdryer at your bangs as you tousle them with your fingers to give them a little volume and shape. To give your bangs a more rounded shape, brush under the bangs, rotating the brush as you point the hairdryer toward it.


Velcro Roller

You can also use a Velcro roller to set your bangs in a curled shape while you style the rest of your hair or focus on other tasks. Grab a Velcro roller in the largest size available. Separate your bangs from the rest of your hair and smooth them with a comb or brush. Roll them with the Velcro roller and allow them to set for at least 15 minutes. You can expedite the process by giving them a blast of hot air from a hairdryer. Mist them briefly with hairspray before removing the roller.


Curling Iron

For a dramatic curl worthy of an old-school pin-up girl, grab a large-barreled curling iron set to high heat. Comb or brush all of your bangs together and use your non-dominant hand to pull them taut, away from your face. Hold the curling iron with your dominant hand. Then, roll the curling iron under until it is near your hairline. You only need to keep them in the curling iron for a few seconds, depending on how thick the fringe is and how round you want the curl to be. If they’re not perfect after your first attempt, you can always try again until they’re just right.



Starting with semi-damp bangs will yield a more defined and lasting curl. After you finish curling them, apply a dab of smoothing cream to eliminate frizz and give the hair a finished look. If you over-curl your bangs, aim a hairdryer at them for a second or two to deflate them.