Do you wish you had curly hair? Here’s a tutorial to show you how to style your hair so that it looks naturally curly. To pull this off you will need a styling wand like one of our clipless styling wands. The smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl. Also note that your hair will drop and soften over time so it’s best to style your hair a little tighter than you want so it looks good all night.


If you have straight hair you’ll definitely need to prep your hair to make sure that your curls last. I recommend using a volumizing mousse to add some grip and texture to your hair and then just to roughly blow-dry your hair before you begin. This helps to activate the mousse into your hair and add a little bit more texture so that the curls will last. I recommend:


As always when using high heat tools, we recommend using a heat protectant spray. If you’re starting with wet hair and using a mousse, check if that is also a heat protectant .


For extra volume we love hair powders!


Change Directions

The key to naturally looking curls is to alternate which way you’re curling your hair around the wand. Normally in curling tutorials, you only curl your hair away from the face. When styling tight curls, they can tend to clump together and they won’t look as natural. Natural hair is a little bit messier and they curls should sit apart from each other.

Switch Up The Size Of Your Curls

We recommend using two different sized curling wands to help give the look of more natural curls. It’s really normal to have a mix of different curl sizes in any naturally curly hair and so by mixing up tight curls with a few layers of wider curls it gives a more natural finish.

Let It Cool

To make sure that your curls really set in, let them cool before you touch them. You can use this time to get your make-up done and then finish the hair just before going out.

Pump Up The Volume

I’ve used a hair powder to add some texture and volume as I’m messing up the curls. The thing I love about a hair powder is its a little bit matte and it really works to add volume right at the roots as well. It definitely gives the curls much more of a lift and natural look and stops it looking too exact and perfect which they can be from a curling wand.

Know When To Stop

When you’re shaking out those curls, it’s really difficult to know if you’ve gone far enough or if you haven’t quite got there yet. You run the risk when you play with the hairstyle too much that you’ll undo a lot of your curls. So be gentle and remember to take a step back and examine how they are looking at all angles.

Have Fun With Your New Curls

The best thing about wearing this style is that everybody will think that it is your natural hair!