The brain wracking decision of whether or not to work out in the morning can leave you with a headache. Do you reap the benefits and deal with a sweaty gross mess for your hair or do you hold off until the evening and pray you’ll still have the motivation to hit the gym? To help you decide we’ve gathered some post workout tips to help you make your decision.


Before typing your hair back in a pony tail or braiding it, comb through your favorite hair mask from the roots to the tips. Then pull your hair back or braid it. The excess heat you produce when working out will help the mask penetrate the hair better. After your workout either rinse your hair and air dry or pull it back into a fresh ponytail until you can rinse it.

You can also try using a small amount of mousse on your roots before you pull your hair up. The natural oils in your hair and the sweat will soften the mousse and create the perfect canvas for a post-workout blowout.

Another option is to use Dry Shampoo pre-workout. It can help absorb some of the sweat from your workout.


You definitely want to keep your hair off of your face and your neck, but you don’t want to leave your hair loose. Open hair can cause breakage and so can tight hairstyles.

Instead, you can loosely clip up the top part of your hair and use a soft hair tie (we recommended silk or satin) to put the bottom portion into a loose pony tail. You can also opt for a loose bun. That will keep your hair off of your sweaty neck and shoulders. It can save you time on your post-workout blowout since you will only need to focus on you roots.


Use the cool blast setting on your blow dryer to dry the roots then hit them with a dry shampoo to soak up any remaining oils or moisture. This will restore your volume and eliminate any smells. You can finish up with a texturizing spray for some extra volume.


If you are exercising outside in the sun then make sure to use a sun protectant for your hair. The sun’s rays, even on a cool day, can cause damage to your hair color and make your hair frail and frizzy.


While it’s tempting to shower after a sweaty workout over washing your hair can lead to hair becoming dried out, frail and damaged. Instead opt for just rinsing hair in between showers to remove the sweat and use moisturizing products to keep hair hydrated.