Heat Mat


Perfect for daily use and convenient enough for travel, this professional, high-quality heat resistant travel mat will protect your counter tops and other surfaces from the heat damage of styling tools. Karma Beauty’s Heat Mats include a pouch to tuck your tool into for safe travel. When it’s time to go just unplug and tuck your tool into the Mat’s pouch. No need to wait for your tool to cool down because the outside of the Mat stays cool for safe storage. HEAT RESISTANT: This styling mat can withstand temperatures up to 450F. PROTECT DELICATE SURFACES: The heat resistant mat protects delicate surfaces from heat damage from your styling tools. Simply unplug and lay your styler down when you are done and continue with your morning routine. PERFECT FOR ON-THE-GO: Perfect for on-the-go styling. No need to wait for your tool to cool down, just wrap it up in the mat and go.