The skin on your scalp is just like the skin on any other part of your body. Doing a haphazard, 30-second routine won’t cut it—and just like any solid skin care routine, that means exfoliating regularly. Keeping the scalp incredibly clean is going to help the hair we have now, it’s going to help the hair grow thicker and fuller, and most importantly it’s going to help that future hair grow really thicker and fuller. A clean scalp is one of the most important things we can do to ensure we have healthy growing hair. 

Taking care of your hair and taking care of your scalp are two different things. It’s really important to keep the needs of the scalp and the hair separate. If you’re the type to use a ton of hairspray for styling your hair that means using a clarifying shampoo on the strands, plus a scalp scrub to get out the rest of the gunk.


Use a scalp scrub once a week.

We would recommend if you have a very dry or flaky scalp using a scrub once a week, perhaps even once every two weeks.


Be gentle with your scrubbing.

You wouldn’t rub vigorously on your face, so it’s the same with the scalp. Do nice and soft, gentle circular movements. That encourages microcirculation or blood to come to the surface of the scalp. And your hair is fed by the bloodstream. So, if we can encourage blood to come to the surface that’s going to encourage hair growth as well.


Look for key ingredients like zinc and copper.

Zinc, in particular, is a great ingredient for scalp cleansing—and why it’s present in so many dandruff products. If for some reason you have this over-acceleration of shedding skin cells, the zinc will help remove the skin cells and slow down the rapid turnover.

Also, we encourage you to look for ingredients like copper, magnesium, organic essential oils, and keratin. Thicker Fuller Hair products include a vegan keratin, which helps hair grow healthier and stronger because keratin is the protein it is made of.


Ease up on the styling products

Things like dry shampoo and mousse that people keep piling on their hair every day don’t help. The products tend to build up around the opening to the follicle and then what happens over time is if we don’t cleanse that scalp you can get what’s called miniaturization. The follicle becomes smaller. So, instead of having sort of two or three hairs growing out of a follicle, you get one or two hairs growing out. It’s one of the causes of thinning hair.

It’s like going to work with full makeup on, and then you go home at night and you don’t take the makeup off. You go to bed, you wake up the next morning, and then you reapply your makeup. And do that for three more days.