Vented & Curved Detangle Brush


Experience the magic of our Vented & Curved Detangle Brush—a lightweight, durable fusion of ABS Resin and boar bristles. Suitable for all hair types, this brush effortlessly glides through knots, stimulates oil production for added shine, and promotes blood circulation for a revitalizing, frizz-free finish. Whether your hair is wet or dry, short or long, embrace the celestial touch of this brush, designed to accelerate drying time and elevate your hair care ritual. A harmonious blend of function and energy for a cosmic dance of beauty and vitality.





How To Use:

Start at Ends
Begin detangling at the ends, moving towards the roots. Never start detangling from the roots.
Repeat Section by Section
Comb through each section, working tangles towards the ends. Repeat until the entire length is detangled.
Gentle Sectioning
Divide hair gently into sections for manageable detangling.

Reviews (1)

1 review for Vented & Curved Detangle Brush

  1. Karen

    I love this brush so much. It goes right through my hair so easily right after washing it. It also is the best when blow drying my hair. I don’t even need to use my round brush anymore because this brush gives me volume and turns all my ends under perfectly and my hair is straight as pins. I’m so happy that I discovered this brush. I’m ordering four more so I can give to my daughter, granddaughter, friend and another for me.

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Vented & Curved Detangle Brush


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