Wet Hair Detangle Brush


Elevate your hair journey with our ergonomic, lightweight detangle brush—a cosmic conduit for both celestial souls, embracing diverse hair types. Whether on wet or dry strands, this divine brush effortlessly untangles, leaving your locks silky-smooth and irresistibly touchable. Crafted for comfort, its soft bristles gently flex to minimize pain, protecting against split ends, and inviting a celestial massage that stimulates your hair’s essence. Perfect for all hair types, this brush glides through the tapestry of your unique beauty, infusing each strand with the gentle power of celestial care.





How To Use:

Start at Ends
Begin detangling at the ends, moving towards the roots. Never start detangling from the roots.
Repeat Section by Section
Comb through each section, working tangles towards the ends. Repeat until the entire length is detangled.
Start with clean, damp hair.

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Wet Hair Detangle Brush


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