Replenishing Truffle Leave In Conditioner Infused with Biotin & Ginseng


Embark on a transformative hair journey with our 60mL Truffle Leave-In Conditioner, a potent elixir whispered by nature itself. This luxurious formula, infused with the essence of rare truffles and a harmonious blend of botanical ingredients, awakens your hair's inner vitality. Biotin, a champion for healthy hair, nourishes your scalp and follicles, while moisture-rich botanical extracts quench every strand. Experience a symphony of softness, smoothness, and radiant shine as your hair transcends from dry and unmanageable to a cascade of luminous hydration. Let the Truffle Leave-In Conditioner unlock your hair's limitless potential, and embrace the untamed beauty within.

Restorative Liquid Gold Shampoo


Envelop your mane in our lavishly formulated Liquid Gold Shampoo. Masterfully crafted with natural hair boosting ingredients like Wild Mint, Geranium, Citric Acid and Aloe to help hydrate hair, add softness and shine, remove build-up, and balance the scalp all while protecting your hair against free radicals. Get a healthier scalp, and stronger hair with every use.

Keratin Hair Mask Infused with Biotin and Argan Oil


Indulge in the transformative embrace of our Keratin Hair Mask, an alchemical fusion infused with the cosmic energies of biotin and the sacred essence of argan oil. This celestial elixir weaves through each strand, uniting the fortifying powers of keratin with the revitalizing touch of biotin and the nourishing secrets of argan oil. Immerse yourself in the harmonious symphony that unravels knots, mends the tapestry of your locks, and unveils a luminous radiance. Embrace the cosmic dance of renewal, as this mask invites you to transcend earthly limits, revealing the true essence of your hair in a luminous, otherworldly glow.

Replenishing Biotin Infused Conditioner


Embark on a journey of soulful hair revitalization with our cosmic conditioner—an enchanting fusion of biotin, ginseng, ginger, and camellia seed. Immerse your strands in the cosmic energies of nature's vitality, invigorating your hair with strength, balance, and the luminous touch of botanical harmony.

Restorative Liquid Gold Conditioner


Relish in moisturized, shiny, strong hair with our Liquid Gold Conditioner. Delicately crafted with hair strengthening ingredients like Wild Mint, Geranium, Aloe, Biotin and Citric Acid to help balance pH levels, add volume, moisturize, add shine, smooth and strengthen. Increasing manageability, the Liquid Gold Conditioner will also help protect your hair from everyday stressors and free radicals.

Restorative Liquid Gold Hair Mask


Our Liquid Gold Restorative Hair Mask is a luxurious elixir meticulously crafted to rejuvenate and revitalize your hair from root to tip. Enriched with a potent blend of nourishing botanicals and infused with the essence of pure gold, this transformative hair mask is your key to unlocking the ultimate in hair restoration and renewal.

Restorative Liquid Gold Hair Serum


Encase your tresses in lavish gold with our magical Liquid Gold Hair Serum. Masterfully blended to revitalize dull hair while adding moisture and volumizing lifeless hair. Enjoy smooth, shiny hair and protect it from the elements with just a few drops. Our lightweight and fast absorbing formula will make you love your hair again!

Replenishing Biotin Infused Hair Serum


Awaken Your Mane's Radiance: The Biotin Infusion for Celestial Tresses Welcome to the transformative essence of our Replenishing Biotin Infused Hair Serum—a harmonious blend crafted to unlock the vibrant potential of your locks. Infused with nature's vitality and fortified with Biotin's nurturing touch, this celestial elixir dances through strands, invigorating from root to tip. Embrace the symphony of botanical wonders as this serum orchestrates a lustrous melody, revitalizing your hair into a radiant, flowing cascade of brilliance.

Replenishing Biotin Infused Shampoo


Embark on a journey of soulful renewal with our transcendent shampoo—a harmonious blend of biotin, nourishing olive oil, vitamin E, and the essence of jojoba seed. This alchemical elixir gently cleanses, revitalizes, and reconnects your hair to the sacred balance of nature, unveiling a luminous cascade of celestial radiance.

Sweet Dreams Hair Perfume


Ethereal Essence Unveiled: Breathe in the Harmony of Jasmine and Orange Blossom Awaken your senses with our divine hair perfume—a cosmic blend of jasmine and orange blossom, entwined with the cosmic energies of biotin, keratin, panthenol, and fibroin. This ethereal elixir transcends the ordinary, leaving a trail of celestial fragrance while nurturing your hair with the essence of vitality, strength, and silk-like luminosity.

Trinity Oil Infused with Biotin & Keratin


Harmony Unleashed: Illuminate Your Tresses with Celestial Brilliance Embark on a cosmic journey with our transcendent hair oil—a fusion of biotin, keratin, vitamin C, and seven essential oils. This alchemical elixir nurtures strands, promoting vitality, strength, and a radiant glow. Experience the celestial synergy of ingredients, unlocking your hair's true brilliance in every drop.

Thicker, fuller hair is no longer a dream with Karma Beauty’s Biotin infused hair care line. These strengthening formulas gently clean hair while helping to stimulate hairgrowth and increased fullness as well as help add shine to dull hair. Wash your way to thicker, fuller hair.