Keratin Hair Mask Infused with Biotin and Argan Oil


Indulge in the transformative embrace of our Keratin Hair Mask, an alchemical fusion infused with the cosmic energies of biotin and the sacred essence of argan oil. This celestial elixir weaves through each strand, uniting the fortifying powers of keratin with the revitalizing touch of biotin and the nourishing secrets of argan oil. Immerse yourself in the harmonious symphony that unravels knots, mends the tapestry of your locks, and unveils a luminous radiance. Embrace the cosmic dance of renewal, as this mask invites you to transcend earthly limits, revealing the true essence of your hair in a luminous, otherworldly glow.







Immerse your locks in the celestial fortification of keratin, a sacred essence that weaves through your hair, mending and strengthening each strand in a harmonious dance of renewal and resilience.


Experience the citrus harmony of grapefruit extract, a refreshing essence that invigorates and uplifts. This cosmic extract adds a zesty touch to your hair ritual, creating a symphony of rejuvenation and balance with every application.

How To Use:

Allow the mask to penetrate for 10-15 minutes to deeply nourish and treat your hair.
Rinse Thoroughly
After the recommended time, thoroughly rinse the mask out of your hair.
Repeat and Optimal Use
If desired, you can repeat this process. For enhanced results, consider using it alongside Karma Beauty’s Biotin Infused Hair Care Collection.
After shampooing, apply the Keratin Hair Mask to wet hair and massage it into both your hair and scalp.

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Keratin Hair Mask Infused with Biotin and Argan Oil


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