Replenishing Biotin Infused Shampoo


Embark on a journey of soulful renewal with our transcendent shampoo—a harmonious blend of biotin, nourishing olive oil, vitamin E, and the essence of jojoba seed. This alchemical elixir gently cleanses, revitalizes, and reconnects your hair to the sacred balance of nature, unveiling a luminous cascade of celestial radiance.









Experience the radiant alchemy of vitamin E as it weaves through your strands, creating a protective aura that shields your hair from the cosmic elements while enhancing its natural luminosity.


Feel the harmonizing touch of jojoba seed essence, a mystical oil that balances and aligns your hair’s energies, leaving it with a silky smoothness and an ethereal glow.

How To Use:

Thoroughly rinse the lather out of your hair.
Repeat if Needed
If necessary, repeat the process for a second lather and rinse.
Follow-up Care
For optimal results, consider using Karma Beauty’s Biotin Infused Conditioner after shampooing.
Gently massage the product into wet hair to build up a lather. Be cautious to avoid contact with the eyes.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Replenishing Biotin Infused Shampoo

  1. Elizabeth

    I am in love with this shampoo and the conditioner too! It leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and smells amazing.

  2. Melissa

    I got this and the conditioner as a free gift with a flat iron I purchased and I am hooked. I love the way they leave my hair feeling.

  3. Amber

    My hair has never been shinier!

  4. Amy

    I ordered this thru boxy charm and they kept my money and wouldn’t ship the product:… I ordered a lot of tubes of this. I’m sad and I guess I’ll never get to try it

  5. Beth

    I love this shampoo!!! I have very flat hair and used to have perms when younger, always had layers in my hair, and later in life used the trick of giving myself a braid to get volume, but I didn’t do it as often as I’d like as it took too much time… But then ipsy offered this product at a discount and I decided to try it. I am SO happy I tried it out! After even the first use, I could feel all the bounce and volume before my hair finished drying!! This shampoo is amazing and exactly what I wanted!!

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Replenishing Biotin Infused Shampoo


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